Waterproof IP68 T Type Junction Box 3 Ways Outdoor Connector

Product Details: Waterproof IP68, T Type Junction box, 3 Way Outdoor Connector Kit. 5pole terminal block may vary.

Glands Included: to fit cable diameter 4-8mm, 8-12mm & 10-14mm, 3 pcs each

Wire Cross section: 0.5 ~ 4mm²

Cable diameter: 3 x M25 (4-8mm, 8-12mm, 10-14mm)

Ampere / Voltage: 24A, 450VAC

Part Number:  DB-3WT-3M25KIT

Product Spare Parts: Parts Available to order as separate

Caution: Product must be installed by qualified electrician and seller will not be liable if product is not installed properly. Product return accepted only in original sealed package.




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