Schmersal SRB 301MC Series Single/Dual-Channel Light Beam/Curtain, Safety Mat/Edge, Safety Switch/Interlock Safety

Attribute Value
Supply Voltage 24V ac/dc
Number of Channels 1, 2
Safety Contacts 3
Function Light Beam/Curtain, Safety Mat/Edge, Safety Switch/Interlock
Auxiliary Contacts 1
Reset Method Automatic
Safety Category ISO 13849-1 4
PL ISO 13849-1 e
SIL IEC 61508 3
Width 22.5mm
Series SRB 301MC
Terminal Type Screw
Depth 121mm
Performance Level e
Length 100mm



PROTECT SRB301 Series Safety Relays


Introducing the PROTECT SRB301 series of Safety Relays. These are a perfect fit for signal evaluation, specifically the outputs of safety magnetic switches. They function well with such safety applications like Light beams/curtains, Safety mats or Safety switches/interlocks.




Schmersal PROTECT Safety Relay, 24 V AC/DC – SRB 301MC Series – SRB 301MC-24V


Use this safety relay from Schmersal for emergency stop applications. It’s ideal for evaluating signals from magnetic safety switches and has high diagnostic capability. User-friendly LEDs (light-emitting diodes) help with troubleshooting by reporting operating states, such as the supply voltage and internal operating voltage. For enhanced safety, the configurable safety controller has an automatic internal electronic trip that doesn’t need to be manually reset. Choose this relay to monitor light curtains as well as safety mats and switches.


Features and Benefits


• Clips onto a DIN rail for simple mounting
• Good resistance to vibration to withstand heavy-duty industrial use
• Strong glass-fibre reinforced thermoplastic housing for reliable durability


Application Information


• Packaging and processing industries
• Assembly handling
• Robotics


Will this safety relay interfere with the function of other electrical components?


This relay produces low levels of electromagnetic interference (EMI), meaning it won’t interfere with the functioning of other devices.


How does a safety relay work?


Safety relays feature redundant dual-channel, cross-monitoring logic circuits. These circuits continuously check for and detect faults in the system’s safety-circuit components and interconnection wiring.


Mfr. Part No

SRB 301MC-24V

RS Stock No



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