What are Safety IO Modules?

Safety I/O modules are input/output peripheries for machinery and computers which allows for safe operation and accurate monitoring of devices in automation environments. The modules function in the system communication structure on the same level as the IO-Link devices and are usually connected to the IO-Link port of an existing standard IO-Link master.

Safety IO Modules detect and indicate to short circuits, cross faults, and communication errors. The changing conditions of the inputs and outputs, the supply of voltage and possible faults are made aware by powerful LEDs on the module.
What input output interface modules are available?

Safety Modules are available with different mounting styles such as DIN Rail, Panel Mount, etc and several types and interfaces including:
Ethernet Analog Modules

Integration of automation systems used to be quite difficult as the architecture of the control system needed to be changed. Although now, measurement, control, and automation can be achieved via Ethernet capabilities, simplifying and streamlining the IO Link process.

The fieldbus protocol simplifies wiring by replacing parallel wiring with a single bus cable. This saves time during planning and installation whilst also reducing costs.
Applications of Safety IO Modules

There are several types of industries that benefit from Safety IO Modules usage, some of which include:

Industrial Automation processes
Climate Control Automation
Refrigeration Plants
Automotive Industry
Packaging Technology

Features & Benefits of Safety IO Modules

Suitable for safety applications up to PLd/SIL2
Low Maintenance
Economically Efficient
Remote Maintenance
Safe and Convenient

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